TractorBeam is a catalyst for citizen-led rural transformation

Calling All Rural Changemakers!

We believe rural voices and innovative, local solutions are the key to building a more sustainable and equitable future for rural America.

Together, we will explore bold ideas, discover impactful initiatives, co-create trailblazing projects, and replicate local solutions to our shared rural challenges. Through our collective impact, we can reenergize 21st century rural America.


TractorBeam is a social enterprise on a mission to enable rural transformation at scale.

Our platform allows rural changemakers to co-create & share innovative solutions to the challenges facing their communities.

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TractorBeam Community

Join our online community for rural changemakers. Connect &  collaborate with other rural leaders who share your challenges. Participate in our co-creation communities of practice.

Grassroots Innovation

Let's change the world in the IdeaLab! You can make a real difference by sharing your creative solutions to the biggest problems and opportunities facing rural communities today. 

Activate the Ecosystem

Building partnerships to create collaboration opportunities between rural changemakers, communities, entrepreneurs, foundations, researchers, corporations, and agencies.

Scaling Rural Capacity

We can exponentially increase our impact by sharing implementation toolkits for the solutions we create together through innovation challenges and the community of practice. 

Collective Impact

By measuring and publishing the collective impact of our shared solutions, we build momentum for catalytic rural transformation as more stakeholders support our work and amplify our stories. 

Sustainable Development Goals


Focus Areas

Four Intersecting Focus Areas

  • Community Belonging

    Feeling a sense of belonging and participating in your community benefits individuals, organizations and communities alike. There's no economic vitality without connectedness. It has a direct impact on the health and well-being of community members and on community prosperity.

  • Creative Economies

    Build sustainable, resilient, creative economies by shifting the traditional rural economic development focus away from large resource extraction companies and toward developing the talents & passions of the people living within their communities.

  • Digital Inclusion

    Activate a rural tech ecosystem to develop rural tech talent, prepare rural workers for remote career opportunities, and create the relationships & infrastructure needed to foster full rural participation in the digital economy.

  • Rural Entrepreneurship

    Create paths to rural micro-business ownership & rural entrepreneurship by increasing access to training, developing local startup ecosystems, and developing rural pathways to the existing entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Work with Us

As a social enterprise, our services support our work. We would love to discuss ways we can work together.

  • Catalyst Consulting
    • Workshop Facilitation 
    • Program Design & Development 
  • Custom Community-Designed Challenges 
  • Sponsored Challenges & Solutions 
  • Workshops & Events
  • Local Innovation Platform-as-a-Service (coming soon)

Be a part of the rural (r)evolution

If our work aligns with your goals or interests, let's plan a time to chat about how you can join us in creating a brighter future for rural America.